Leatherman PST tool story

…wanted one for a while.
Finally got one.
Was gifted one with a purchase and gifted that to a friend wanting one.

Mine needed a new blade. I took it apart to replace it. Well the screw deals were very worn. Couldn’t get back together right.

Off to the West…

LM has been very helpful to me in the past. I sent in my PST with some instructions. Basically I said please fix or replace with a PST. I do not want a rebar.
I threw like $9 in the envelope. It was all the cash in my wallet. I requested I pay for my own shipping or the person fixing it buy a coffee or something.

PST arrives in mail today. Same scales/ handles because a sticker I put on there in which I wrote how to replace the tools was still intact.

From what I can tell, all new parts. Lanyard hook looks original. That’s it. That or they did a superb job cleaning them. I knows file, small screwdriver and knife are new. I think pliers too.  I think everything.

Super tight and solid. And…they returned my cash. Who does that?

I guess I will show my gratitude by buying their product and telling others. Very impressed.

Also with NiteEze and now Streamlight, but these are different stories… 

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Leatherman PST tool story”

  1. Bob Says:

    Maybe I should send in my wingman and see what happens.

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