An idiot or prick? Idiot prick!

I pulled into work this morning to be greeted in the street by a deputy and fire truck blocking the entrance. A neighboring business had caught fire. Was over by the time I got in. Seems to be no structural damage, mostly internal.

The boss and I were going to find an available firefighter (they were done) to move one of their trucks from out lot so we could get our trucks out of the yard.

We also had an unknown car in our lot.

The first lets I we come to is a cameraman for a local news station. It was wltx, that dude was pretty cool. I’m unsure who this idiot filmed for.

My boss asks: Is that your black car over there? (Pointing toward the direction of the car).

Cameraman: (looking I direction of the area, points at the marked deputy’s car with flashing lights and deputy standing beside it) no, that’s the deputy’s.

Boss: not that one! The other one, in front of the fire truck. You can’t see it right now.

Cameraman: what car? I don’t see what you’re talking about.

Me: Did you drive a black car or any car at all and park it in that direction?!

Cameraman: no


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